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Tastetrip has been put together by three Capetonians to give you an insider’s view on the Cape Winelands. We personally visit every winery and take our own photographs. Authenticity is important to us so we try to travel incognito and we write the stories as we experience them. We can’t claim to be wine experts, but we do enjoy a good glass of wine and a meal out in beautiful surroundings. So if you’re in search of great wine, good food, excitement, take a trip through our site, and then hit the road for real and start taste tripping.

Some wineries are only 15 minutes drive away, others are 2 hours away, but the roads are mostly good and mostly well signposted, even if we do drive on the left hand side.

There are hundreds of wineries to visit, each with its own personality. There are wineries for lovers, for families, for adventurers, for those who’ve been on planet earth a little longer, for people on a budget, and for the hedonists amongst us. There are wineries for people who love contemporary design and for those who prefer the classic Cape Dutch look. There are wineries for collectors and for connoisseurs, wineries for those aspiring to learn more and for those who are just looking to enjoy themselves. And for the foodies, there are many restaurants serving inspiring fare – from fine dining to picnics in a suitcase.

We’ve tried to give you as much information as we can, but a big part of this is your story, so please share, and let us (and the rest of the world) know about your own Tastetrip through the Cape Winelands. You will find a space to comment below the photos on every winery page.

We look forward to reading about your own adventures.