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Cape Town welcomes foreign visitors – despite the current water situation!

Being a former newspaper journalist myself, it was very disappointing to see how most of the overseas media have been reporting about the current water situation in Cape Town: The sensational stories led people all over the world to believe that there is an end of the world scenario happening in our city, and misleading pictures of locals queuing at mountain springs were perceived as if the taps had run dry. This is simply false!
Yes, Cape Town is facing a water shortage, which is being taken very seriously. However, within a short period of only a few weeks, our local water saving efforts have been so successful that the “Day Zero” scenario was pushed back by eight months, and might not even happen at all considering the efforts that have now been put in place and – within an incredibly short time – made Cape Town the leading water resilient city in the world. Here in Africa, we adapt quickly to challenging situations, and then move on with our normal lives ; )

So, what does this mean for visitors to Cape Town?
Please note that visitors are VERY welcome to the Mother City, now more than ever. This is crucial: Your presence saves jobs. And you won’t experience any discomfort as a result of the drought. You are simply asked to please shower instead of taking a bath at your hotel or guest house, this is the only “inconvenience” you will experience during your stay. And there is no reason to feel guilty for using our local water! If visitors stay away, the effect on the tourism industry and the entire economy in Cape Town (and South Africa) is disastrous. Therefore, if you keep visiting Cape Town, you are actually helping us locals directly.

Please feel free to email me directly on if you have any specific questions regarding the water situation. We are based in Cape Town and know what is going on. I am also personally in touch with international journalists to try and give them the real picture of how Cape Town is handling the drought, hopefully some more fact-related reports will be the outcome.

Post by Gisela Piercey, African Twist Travel.

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